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About Us

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Malnadnews.com is the first bilingual news portal of Malnad region which provides quality news in English and Kannada for online readers.

Malnadnews.com is published by malnad media communication, an independent publishing company based in Madikeri & Shimoga.

Malnadnews.com was founded in September 2013.

Editorial policy

Our aim is to provide broad coverage of the malnad area news so that NRI’s are kept up to date with events. We cover all sorts of news from politics, economic & educational developments to crime and sport.

Our portal includes our own editorials, articles by third parties and translations of pieces published by other malnad media.

Commercial organisations wishing to publish sponsored content can contact

[email protected]


For editorial matters, please contact Email – [email protected]

Mobile – 9591802687, 9008554995.

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